Long Shot vs Ristretto: What Is The Difference Between?

A ristretto shot is a short espresso shot created with the same quantity of coffee. But less water, yielding a stronger, more concentrated flavor.

On the other hand, a long shot is a frequent espresso made with the normal amount of water. Which makes the flavor milder and less concentrated.

Many people believe that when it happens to caffeine, a ristretto shot has more caffeine than just a long shot. This blog post will discuss how the Long Shot vs Ristretto different, including how much caffeine they have, how they taste, and how they are made.

We’ll also talk about how ristretto and long shot have changed over time and in different coffee cultures worldwide. By the end of this position, you’ll have a better idea of the benefits and drawbacks of each shot. And be able to choose which one to order at your local coffee shop.

What is a Ristretto?

A ristretto uses less water than a regular espresso shot. Which makes the flavor stronger and more concentrated. The word ristretto originates from the Italian word for restricted, describing how the shot uses less water.

When the coffee grounds are tamped, and the coffee is extracted for less time, there is more coffee to water and more caffeine. Ristrettos are recognized for their powerful, complex flavors. They have more acidity and a stronger bitterness than other coffees.

The smaller amount of water in the ristretto makes the flavor more delicate and nuanced, bringing out the unique qualities of the coffee beans. Ristretto is the purest form of espresso and is often seen as a more expensive alternative to standard espresso shots.

Origins of the Ristretto

The history of ristretto can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century in Italy, where it was first made. During World War II, coffee beans were hard to find and expensive. Because of this, many coffee shops used fewer coffee grounds to make a shot.

Which made the cup stronger and more flavorful. This method became known as a ristretto shot. Coffee lovers liked it because it made the espresso stronger and more flavorful. Today, coffee experts like ristretto shots because they have a unique and strong flavor.

It’s often thought of as a better option than regular espresso shots. It is considered the purest form of espresso because it brings out the coffee beans’ most delicate and complex flavors.

What is a Long Shot?

A standard shot of espresso made with the standard amount of water is called a long shot or regular shot. This makes the taste milder and far less concentrated than a ristretto shot because there is less coffee to water. The name long shot is because it takes longer to make. After all, it uses more water than a ristretto.

Origins of the Long Shot

Long shots started in America, where they became popular in the middle of the 20th century. When espresso machines came to the US, the standard shot size was 1 ounce (about 30 ml) of liquid espresso.

This was seen as a more approachable alternative to a more powerful ristretto shot, providing a more complex flavor profile. Today, most espresso shots ordered in coffee shops and cafes worldwide are long shots, seen as a more approachable and flexible choice.

They are often used as the base for drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos made with espresso.

What is the difference between the Long Shot and the Ristretto?

The biggest difference between these two shots is how much water was used to make them. The same amount of coffee grounds is used in a ristretto shot as in a regular shot, but less water is used. This makes the flavor stronger and more concentrated.

On the other hand, a long shot, also called a regular shot. Uses the standard amount of water, making the flavor milder and less intense. The amount of caffeine in a ristretto also differs from that in a long shot.

A ristretto shot has more caffeine than a long shot. Because it uses less water and has a higher ratio of coffee to water. A ristretto shot might be a better choice if you want a stronger coffee kick. But if you like a milder taste, you might like a long shot.

When it comes to taste, a ristretto shot is known for having strong, complex flavors with more acidity and a stronger bitterness. On the other hand, a long shot has a flavor that is less strong and less concentrated. It has more balanced acidity and less bitterness.

The major differences between a ristretto and a long shot are the amount of water used, how much caffeine is in it, and how it tastes. Ultimately, it all depends on what you like and would like in your coffee. It would help if you tried both to see which one you like more.


A ristretto shot might be a better choice if you want a caffeine boost. Compared to an ordinary espresso or a long shot, a short shot has more caffeine per volume because it is made in less time.

Also, everybody’s tolerance for caffeine is different, so what one person thinks of a strong coffee kick may not be the same for someone else. Understanding what you can handle and making changes based on that is always beneficial.

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