Can Coffee and Lemon Really Help You Lose Weight?

Coffee is a very versatile drink and, when combined with lemon, the end result generates a lot of controversy among people, as there is a specific belief that the two ingredients together can help with weight loss. But can this really happen? Check this article!

Contrary to what many think, even if coffee contains caffeine and it helps with Weight Loss. The combination of the drink with lemon has not been proven to help with weight loss. However, it can bring a number of benefits to your health and is worth its consumption.

Want to know more about the benefits of coffee with lemon for your health and about this weight loss myth? Below is some essential information on the subject, so you understand how these substances can act in your body when consumed correctly!

Coffee and Lemon For Weight Loss?

Coffee is a drink that can help in the weight loss process, as it contains a good amount of caffeine. A substance that promotes metabolism acceleration and helps with weight loss.

Research carried out in the 1990s proves that when drinking a cup of coffee. Human metabolism remains accelerated for about two or three hours, increasing calories burned by about 8 to 11%.

However, no direct relationship between lemon and this substance has been proven in the weight loss process, so it is an incorrect statement.

For the weight loss process, you either consume fewer calories or burn more of them. The combination of coffee and lemon cannot directly help in this task.

What is Coffee With Lemon For?

Although they do not serve as aids in the weight loss process. The consumption of coffee with lemon can bring several benefits to your health.

Several studies have already been done on the effects of coffee on the human body. The University of Auckland, New Zealand, concluded that consumption of up to 5 cups of the drink a day, without smoking, reduces the risk of mortality.

Lemon is the darling of the population and one of the most consumed foods. In addition to bringing health benefits due to its substances, such as Vitamin C and some minerals.

The fruit contains antibacterial, and antifungal properties and is a great antioxidant. Also protects the body against various infections, as well as helps the immune system due to Vitamin C.

Do Coffee and Lemon Help With Headaches?

Another myth surrounding coffee with lemon is that the combination can help alleviate headaches. But this claim is inconsistent with the effects of the ingredients.

Lemon has no direct relationship with this problem, while coffee alone can help with these pains. Although it also worsens the condition when consumed in large amounts on a daily basis.

Coffee and Lemon

Does Coffee with lemon Relieve Diarrhea?

Consuming these two ingredients together is not directly linked to helping relieve diarrhea and there is no evidence that lemon has any effect on the problem.

Coffee, on the other hand, stimulates the intestines and can worsen the condition, in addition to aggravating dehydration due to the diuretic effect that caffeine produces in the human body.

Is Coffee with Lemon Good For the Skin?

Despite not having 100% true proof, some studies show that the combination of coffee with lemon can provide benefits to the skin due to the antioxidant effect.

Research shows that moderate consumption of caffeine helps in reducing skin flakiness, and improving smoothness. Reducing the deterioration of the skin barrier, while the Vitamin C in lemon helps with collagen production and the skin rejuvenation process.

However, these benefits are not exclusive to the combination of ingredients. You can enjoy them by consuming the foods separately, without any problem.

Is Coffee with Lemon Good For Your Throat?

Both foods have an antioxidant function in the human body. Their combination and moderate consumption can help prevent flu and colds. Even improve some throat problems, such as pain and inflammation.

How to Prepare Coffee and Lemon

You already know all the benefits that coffee with lemon can bring to your health. Although it does not help in the weight loss process, you can enjoy a number of positive effects with moderate consumption.

To do this, just mix a cup (240 ml) of coffee with the juice extracted from 1 lemon and drink it, moderately, in your daily life.

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