Breville vs DeLonghi: Which One Should You Choose?

Breville vs DeLonghi Specifications

There are a lot of alterations between these two machines. Even though they both function well while producing wonderful cups of coffee. Their differences affect how you make coffee, no matter how big or small. Also, they change what you can and can’t do during the making method to make it fit your tastes.

The main variations between the DeLonghi vs Breville Express are covered below. Then we’ll get into what makes these two espresso machines different.


DeLonghi makes the top-of-the-line espresso machine. It has a sensor grinder and a dual heating system. It makes delicious real espresso from freshly ground coffee beans. It also comes with a system for making lattes.

This gives you full power over your coffee, from grinding the beans to making the milk foam. The Delonghi has a steam stick that gives you control over how the milk foams up. This lets you adjust the warmth and amount of bubbles to make the perfect topping for your coffee with milk.

Breville Express

Brushed stainless steel makes up the stunning Breville Express espresso maker. It is easier to put jointly than the Delonghi. On the other hand, the Breville Express has a simpler control panel, but it also has a bean hopper that lets you grind coffee beans. You can change both the size and how sharp it is.

This machine includes a portafilter made of stainless steel, single and dual water filter chambers, and a hot water spout. But it might not be ready as fast as the Specialist. Still, if you read about the unique things the Breville Express offers, you’ll find plenty of reasons to consider it.

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The DeLonghi is not the kind of machine you would choose if you were on a tight budget, but it gives a lot for your money. It’s not the priciest espresso maker available, either. You need to know how investing in this machine will help you reach your goals and stay within your budget.

If you do, you won’t be sorry about spending your money. With sensor-based grinding, a smart tamping station, and a milk-steaming wand, it’s easy to see why this machine is more expensive than most coffee makers.

Breville Express

The Delonghi is around the same price as the Breville Express, which is cheaper.

This machine doesn’t use the same technology for grinding beans as other machines. It also doesn’t have a built-in tamping method to make your grounds smoother. However, it has digital PID temperature control.

An easier-to-use interface, and a smaller size that makes it easier to store. Because of these things, it’s not strange that the Breville Express is priced in the same range as the Delonghi since they offer users different benefits.

A Steaming Performance


The Delonghi steam stick can do more than just heat milk. It gives you choices to change the way your creamy coffee tastes and how hot it is. If you choose the micro-foam stirring choice, you can make latte art showing your style and creativity. You can make images that everyone in your family will love.

You can choose the rich cream if you don’t want to talk to anyone. This gives you flat, hot milk for a cappuccino, latte, or flat white that tastes the same every time.

Breville Express

Like the Delonghi, the Breville Express has a steam wand that lets you make microfoam. So, you can make great latte art and top off your coffee with real micro-foam milk that feels smooth in your mouth. This gives your drink the right smooth taste.

On the other hand, unlike the Delonghi, the Breville Express doesn’t let you change things like how it handles hot flat milk. It might still be possible. It means you must use the right methods to do it by hand. This may be a deal-breaker for individuals who desire something that is simple to clean.

How Much Water Can Hold


The water tank on the Delonghi has a volume of 84.5 ounces and is clear and easy to remove. This means you can consume multiple glasses or even an entire pot of coffee before having to refill the reservoir. This tank is also easy to clean because it can be cleared and put in the dishwasher or cleaned under the sink.

Breville Express

Even though the Breville Express isn’t as good as the Delonghi, it still has a 67-ounce water tank, which is a good size. Like its rival, it can be removed and put in the dishwasher. So it will be just as comfortable to clean and keep up.

You can also make a lot of cups or even a pot of coffee before you refill it. So, the normal user probably won’t notice that the volume is less than the Delonghi.

Bar Fill


The Delonghi espresso machine makes very good espresso, and the 15 bars of pressure used to remove the coffee are above average. This means more pressure is used to remove the coffee as the grinds slowly expand. This makes the coffee taste stronger, richer, and more flavorful.

This, along with the built-in burr grinder and automatic tamping station, makes it possible to get the most out of freshly ground coffee that goes straight into your cup.

Breville Express

With its bar pump and 15 bars of pressure, the Breville Express is no pushover. It makes the best espresso extraction possible. But this machine differs from the Delonghi because it uses bar forces differently.

The Breville Express starts the coffee process with less pressure because it has pre-infusion devices that soak the grounds first. As the extraction process starts, the pressure builds up to higher bars. This makes the taste even stronger and fuller, as well as sweet and nasty.

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