I think it’s important to be accurate in your Brewing methods to achieve the best-tasting cup of coffee. As a result, I am always on the hunt for the Best coffee scale in the market.

I’m talking about the digital scales that can tell you the weight of your ingredients in seconds. They are the best tools to track your progress in cooking, baking, and even coffee brewing.

You can easily use them to measure the perfect amount of coffee beans or cocoa powder. But what about measuring your coffee ingredients? A digital scale that can also measure the weight of your coffee grounds can be a lifesaver.

How To Choose The Best Coffee Scale

It’s important to have the right equipment. But if you don’t know what to look for, you may end up with an overpriced scale that won’t work well with your grinder. When shopping for a coffee scale.

Battery Life

Coffee Scale Battery Life is an important factor to consider when purchasing a coffee scale. The battery life of a coffee scale can vary greatly, from a few hours to a few months. It is important to know how long the battery life of a coffee scale is before making a purchase.

When looking at the battery life of a coffee scale, it is important to consider the size of the scale and the features that it offers. A scale that is larger and offers more features will generally have a shorter battery life than a smaller scale with fewer features.

However, there are some coffee scales that are designed to be used with specific coffee makers that have longer battery lives. It is important to read the product information of a coffee scale before making a purchase to ensure that it will work with the coffee maker that you have.

Special Features

There are many benefits to using a good scale. One of them is the ability to customize it to fit your needs. I’ve designed my scales with features that make them easy to use and keep them clean.

I also provide the option of having my scales come with a timer so you can set it for 10 minutes or 5 hours. The touch-sensitive controls are designed to be easier to use and keep your coffee from getting on the buttons.

Our Best Picks Coffee Scale

ImageProductDetails  Price
Hario V60 Drip Coffee ScaleHario V60 Drip Coffee ScaleBrand – Hario
Material – ABS Resin
Item Weight – 265 Grams
Check Price
OXO BREW 6 Lb. Precision Coffee ScaleOXO BREW 6 Lb. Precision Coffee ScaleBrand – OXO
Material – Plastic
Item Weight – 1.3 Pounds
Check Price
Escali Versi Coffee ScaleEscali Versi Coffee ScaleBrand – Escali
Material – Silicone
Weight Limit – 6.6 Pounds
Check Price
Bodum Barista Coffee and Food ScaleBodum Barista Coffee and Food ScaleBrand – Bodum
Material – Plastic
Item Weight – 1.2 Kilograms
Check Price
_AccuWeight Gram ScaleAccuWeight Gram ScaleBrand – AccuWeight
Material – Stainless Steel
Weight Limit – 1000 Pounds
Check Price
Acaia Black Digital Coffee ScaleAcaia Black Digital Coffee ScaleBrand – Acaia
Material – Pearl
Item Weight – 1.9 Pounds
Check Price
Acaia Pearl Model S Coffee ScaleAcaia Pearl Model Coffee ScaleItem Weight – 0.16 ounces
Manufacturer – Acaia
Check Price

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer Pour-Over Scale Black

The new Hario V60 drip coffee scale and timer pour-over scale in black are perfect for home and professional use. The new stainless steel model has been improved and redesigned. In the original model, the glass beaker was the only piece in the design. Now, the beaker and the scale are one component. The scale is made out of solid material instead of a clear glass beaker with white lines inside.

The auto-off feature after five minutes (not activated while the timer is in use) ensures that your coffee scale is not damaged by over-use. The Hario V60 drip scale is made to fit a server comfortably while still taking up little space in your kitchen.

A perfect companion for your V60 coffee dripper. It’s designed to measure and display weight from 1 gram to 2,000 grams in 0.1 gram increments. A built-in timer allows you to follow and repeat recipes accurately. Its slim design is perfect for your kitchen, and the rubber feet on the bottom ensure stability.

OXO BREW 6 Lb. Precision Coffee Scale

OXO BREW 6 Lb. Precision Coffee Scale with Timer

Brew coffee to your liking with this OXO Brew 6 lb. Precision Coffee Scale with Timer. Simply load the included measuring spoon and select the measurement you want to use. The digital display clearly shows the measurement, and the auto shut-off saves battery life.

it is designed to make your pour-over coffee just as precise as you want it to be. With a sleek design and accurate measurements from 0.5 grams up, the scale makes measuring your grinds quick and easy. Plus, it includes a built-in timer that’s been optimized for pour-over coffee.

The digital display is clear to read and easy to use. You can set the scale to measure in ounces or in pounds. And it comes with four AA batteries that are easily replaceable.

Escali Versi Coffee Scale with Timer

Escali Versi Coffee Scale with Timer, Weigh up to 6.6 lbs

The Escali Versi Coffee Scale allows you to weigh your coffee beans, cups, and other ingredients in your coffee making process. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or someone who is just getting started, this scale will be an invaluable addition to your kitchen. 

Escali Versi Coffee Scale with Timer is a versatile and smart scale for measuring and weighing of coffee, tea, soup, cereal, and other food and drink. It can be used to weigh up to 6.6 lbs / 3,000 grams, which is perfect for weighing large amounts of food and drink. The bright LED display is easy to read in all lighting conditions and viewing angles.

The large capacity allows for larger pours and utilizing the scale to weigh other items. The stainless steel cover is heat resistant and provides additional protection from heat and hot liquids to the main body of the scale. With a 16-hour runtime and a three-hour charge time, the rechargeable lithium ion battery offers minimal downtime.

Bodum Barista Coffee and Food Scale

Bodum Barista Coffee and Food Scale

This Bodum Scale is perfect for measuring coffee and measuring your ingredients.
The built-in timer lets you know how long your coffee needs to steep or how long to cook your ingredients.

Bodum Barista Coffee and Food Scale is a convenient kitchen tool for measuring coffee beans and other dry goods, including grains, flours, and spices. This Bodum Coffee and Food Scale can measure up to 11 lbs. at once, with a built-in timer. at once and has a large digital display with large buttons. The platform is removable and dishwasher safe.

AccuWeight Gram Mini Coffee Scale

AccuWeight Gram Scale With 1000g High Precision Mini Coffee Scale

With the AccuWeight gram scale with 1000g/0.1g high precision mini coffee scale. You can quickly and easily weigh yourself and check your weight. This scale is perfect for measuring, counting, and weighing small items, including small coins, jewelry, and keys.

With the multiple measurement units and backlit display. You can quickly get the net weight and pieces amount like coins, pins and screws by pressing tare and PCS button of  scale respectively, no worries about manual calculating.

Acaia Black Pearl Laboratory Grade Digital Coffee Scale

Acaia Black Pearl Laboratory Grade Digital Coffee Scale with Bluetooth

Acaia’s Black Pearl is a professional laboratory scale with advanced features that make it a great choice for the home, lab, and any other food-related business. In addition, it is equipped with a stopwatch, two-way timer, and auto zero tracking, allowing you to track the blooming, pouring, and infusion times without a fuss.

The Black Pearl is equipped with an auto-off feature and a USB rechargeable power supply, which means you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries.

With the battery last more than 20 hours, the scale can be used anytime and anywhere.  The scale is fully compatible with the suite of apps, including the Acaia App. Acaia App Use For Any Device Like Android, iPhone, Windows, and iPad. These apps allow you to customize the display, adjust the unit, view the remaining time, and much more.

Acaia Pearl Model S Professional-Grade Coffee Scale

Acaia Pearl Model S Professional-Grade Digital Smart Coffee Scale

The Acaia Pearl model S Professional comes with a built-in interactive coffee brewing guide to help you make the best cup of coffee. It features a large LCD display with clear numbers, allowing you to monitor the flow rate and the weight of your coffee with ease.

With a new sleek design and a modern look, it is sure to make you the envy of coffee lovers.
Equipped with the all-new built-in interactive coffee brewing guide, it helps you to brew your perfect cup of coffee every time.

It gives you the tools to master the art of coffee brewing with the Acaia app. The Acaia Pearl model S is a professional-grade digital smart scale, it is the perfect choice for you if you want to get the most out of your coffee.


A scale can be very useful in the kitchen. You should choose a scale that allows you to weigh dry and liquid items easily and accurately. Most food scales are accurate to about a tenth of a gram. This is sufficient for most cooking needs.

The best coffee scale for you is something that works for you and you are comfortable with. I personally like the set that has a digital readout because it’s easy to see what is in the cup.  It has three measuring modes (gram, ounce, and teaspoon). It’s very convenient for measuring a small quantity of beans. It is very accurate because it uses an optical sensor.

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